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Action plan

We work with you to assess the situation and prepare the most effective action plan. This includes the types of users we will speak with,,, the understandings we want to extract out of them and the recruitment plan.


User Interviews

We perform two types of interviews: with power users and with fresh users that just had their first experience with your product. Our of this process, it's then easy for us to spot your strong use case and assess your positioning based on that.



When the interviews are done, we are delivering the video or audio recordings and a report with actionable advice and insights on exactly what to change in your positioning to make it work.

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Margaret Kelsey

"By actively reaching out and listening to you target users, you’ll be better able to identify precise barriers to entry and come up with creative solutions to help them overcome these hurdles."

Margaret Kelsey — Director of Brand and Creative at Appcues
Hiten Shah

"Everything you need to build a product people can’t help but tell their friends about.
The secret. Ready for it?
Talk to people."

Hiten Shah — Co-Founder of FYI, Product Habits and Crazy Egg
Katelyn Bourgoin

"Marketers who do regular audience research do 466% better"

Katelyn Bourgoin — Growth Strategist & Trainer


Who's delivering the service and why should I trust him or her?

UserTalks is a spin-off project by Growth Sandwich ( Growth Sandwich is a Europe-based Product-led Go-to-Market agency with lots of experience with SaaS products and productized services.We have worked with some of the most reputable brands in the world and have trained more than 500 product and marketing professionals across Europe.If you want to build more trust before you engage in a conversation, feel free to visit We are happy to jump on a get-to-know-each-other call.

How can we know that we have a positioning problem?

Some really strong indications that you have a positioning problem are the following:You have a serious number of customers that like your product but your campaigns are never successful.You find yourself being able to sell your product yourself but your campaigns cannot do it properly.You are having free trials but users don't immediately get your product's value and leaveIn any case, these are only indications. We won't know if we don't check.

How long will it take?

1-2 months tops but it strongly depends on how quickly will we manage to recruit the interviewees.

How do I know that your method is better than my alternatives?

You don't yet but you won't need to be patient at all. The value of our service will be obvious in the first week. That's why we feel confident to give a free trial of our service.

Do you work with every company?

No, unfortunately, to work with a company, it needs to be able to prove Product/Market fit. Here are few ways to figure if you have Product/Market fit:You have a serious number of paying monthly usersYour churn rate is below 5%You can demonstrate product engagement

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